10 Online Invitation Design Ideas

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Did you know that WishNWed can now be used to create invitations online in digital save the date card for free and Instant video Invitation as well?

Today, I’ve made the decision to provide you with some ideas for making online invitations for various events. I’ll show you O.

Seasonal Tone Invitation

When designing an invitation for a seasonal event, nothing works better than a collage made with specific images for that particular season.

For a fall invite with a seasonal twist, a floral invite is a perfect match.

At the same time, you can create Thanksgiving invitations based on specific seasonal illustrations and a good combination of colors and tones to help get the message across.

Harness the power of white space

More text isn’t always a good option when you want to send a clear message and quickly understand your invitation. Also, sometimes you don’t want to leave anything to the person’s imagination.

If you have the task of creating online real estate event invitations, the following template will definitely come in handy.

A simple illustration, lots of white space, and an eye-catching message are all you need.

Create your Dreams Wedding Invitation

One of the most popular types of invitations is those for weddings.

When it comes to DIY wedding invitations, their popularity is on the rise. You can start doing it online at WishNWed. As a starting point, I suggest the following pre-designed video invitation template and Save The Date invitation design template.

You can create simple wedding invitations with creative designs, choose an illustration that represents you and your partner, or even create a caricature for you to turn into a personalized invitation.

All of these combine to create the elegant look you crave when it comes to invitation design.

Opt for a Colored Background

You should try to match the colors of the invitation with the colors you choose for your event. A good example is the following invitation template for a place where you can see beautiful plants.

The background is suitable for the event and at the same time colorful enough to attract attention. However, since the text is placed right in the center, that’s where your eyes will look first, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Embrace Simplicity

A birthday invitation card can be in line with your personality and can be as elaborate as you want it to be. But sometimes even the simplest design can convey a powerful message.

Pattern design

Events don’t have to be related to holidays, weddings, or birthdays. A regular family reunion can be heralded through a design that incorporates templates that go hand-in-hand with the event schedule.

The example below shows exactly what I mean by this. This option is a perfect fit for the event and from the moment you take a quick look at the BBQ invitation template you’ll understand why.

Combine the Three Essentials

When it comes to design, three key elements can make all the difference: graphics, colors, and typography.

Many wedding invitation card designs successfully combine these three elements. It also offers an excellent choice for the background color.

The design patterns are paired with beautiful typography that grabs the viewer’s attention and conveys the message instantly and elegantly.

Some have a party invitation template instead of a wedding invitation. It has a more casual style, but the message is conveyed in the same way through a mix of the three essential elements.

Bring your Invitation Design to life

An excellent design for birthday invitation cards should be based on an image that gives the public an idea of the atmosphere of the event.

You can give life to your invitation model thanks to a number of well-selected models and illustrations that tell the same story as your call to action.

Quite simple and quite intelligent. It is an extremely easy-to-adapt design, but with a powerful and direct influence on the spectator.

Separate text from illustrations

You can split your invitation into two parts: one for the message and one for the visuals. The baby shower invitation template shows exactly how to do it and why it’s an option.

As you can see, the invitation is divided into two parts, one for the text and one for the illustrations.

This allows the viewer to see the message clearly by looking directly at the invitation. It is important that these two messages speak the same way so that there are no discrepancies between them.

Traditional Look

Traditional-looking invitations are always the way to go, especially when inviting people to an event, like a wedding.

The following sample wedding invitation template combines a traditional template with simple typography. It’s easy to overlook such designs, but nevertheless, they can be very helpful in getting your message across.

Several traditional wedding invitation templates are available in WishNWed. Here’s another one that can get you started right away.

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