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Golf carts like Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha are a terrific way to travel about your neighborhood and stop to smell the flowers or talk with friends and neighbors. Some people, on the other hand, expect more from their golf buggies.

There’s no need to go with “off-the-shelf” stock golf cart models if you want a rougher tougher “souped up” decorated golf cart style that will make all your buddies envy. Where do you begin with so many golf cart modifications to pick from? We’ve put up 10 simple methods to skip the truck or ATV and prepare your golf cart for any weather, terrain, or even just for aesthetics!

Tires with Meat

Heavy duty tires and wheels are a must-have golf cart improvement for any rugged golf cart. The majority of new golf carts come with 8 “Tires for golf carts. 8 “If you want to exclusively drive on asphalt or pavement, golf cart tires (street tires) are completely enough. Smaller street tires consume less power and are more efficient.

Smaller golf cart street tires, on the other hand, are unsuitable for bouncing up and down on rocky, steep, and rugged off-road trails and roads. You’ll need some beefy All-Terrain Tires for this. With deeper treads and wider diameters, all-terrain golf cart tires are designed to endure even the most difficult terrains. You’ll have no trouble dealing with the difficult material!

Increase It

Putting a Golf Cart Raise Kit will provide you with a lift of two to six inches and is one of the important golf cart improvements, not only if you intend on installing all-terrain / off-road tires, but also if you want your golf cart to have a more rugged look. An elevated golf cart may also enhance your driving experience by providing a smoother, quicker, and less bumpy ride. There are several different lift kits to pick from, and your decision is solely dependent on personal desire.

Flare Your Fenders

If you want to use your golf cart while it is raining or on muddy pathways, Golf Cart Fender Flares are necessary. Fender flares for golf carts not only keep you out of the mud, but they also keep any passengers or additional riders out of the mud. We all like playing in dirt and puddles, but the washing… not so much! Fender flares for golf carts are also quite simple to install.

Boost Your Battery

“What do they mean by battery boost?” you’re undoubtedly wondering. It’s really fairly straightforward. If your present battery voltage is 36 volts, you should consider increasing it to 48 volts. This will increase your speed. You may also need a new Golf Cart Speed Controller in addition to higher voltage Golf Cart Batteries for even greater speed. For the voltage adjustment, a new Golf Cart Battery Charger will also be required. A golf cart engine upgrade is also a fantastic approach to increase overall power. With all of these new golf cart components fitted, you will gain not just speed, but torque and voltage as well. It’s a win-win situation.

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Purchase Brush Guards

A Golf Cart Brush Guard attaches to the front of your cart to protect the cart’s body, or “cowl” in cart-speak. Aside from covering the body of your golf cart, it also gives it the ultimate tough, off-road appeal. Matching Golf Cart Rocker Panels are highly suggested for further personalization since they make it simpler for passengers to get in and out of the golf cart.

Make the Night Glow

If you want to drive through trails and walks in the dark, you should absolutely equip your golf cart with LED lights. LED Lights / Golf Cart LED Light Kits not only improve your visibility, but they also guarantee that other cars and pedestrians notice you approaching. Driving your golf cart late at night or early in the morning without some lighting on your golf cart is quite unsafe.

Some of the most common lighting solutions for your golf cart at night:

  1. Headlights for Golf Carts
  2. Taillights for Golf Carts
  3. LED Light Bars for Golf Carts
  4. LED Spotlights for Golf Carts

Bright LED lights for golf carts aren’t only for farmers who get up early to care for their livestock and crops. A little additional lighting for anybody, regardless of how they utilize their golf cart, is necessary.

Keeper of Cold Beverages

A beer cart or food cart is frequently available on the golf course to supply you with cool beverages, snacks, and other refreshments. But what if you’re out hunting with the boys or going off the beaten path? When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, there’s no reason to go hungry or thirsty! A Golf Cart Cooler can let you customize your golf cart. Because room on a golf cart is often limited (particularly if you have more passengers), golf cart coolers are intended to conveniently install on your golf cart, out of the way, so as not to take up precious seats. Keep your beverages ice cold and your sandwiches from becoming soggy as you enjoy a cold one wherever you are!

Additional Seating

Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kits provide a stylish touch to any Club Car, E-Z-GO, or Yamaha golf cart. Because most factory golf carts do not provide extra back seats for golf carts, installing a rear seat kit for golf carts is necessary. Rear flip seat kits not only look great on your golf cart, but they also enable you to accommodate extra people. The more, the better! Additionally, rear flip seat kits for golf carts fold down to provide a flat bed / platform for loading and moving items such as:

  1. Animal / Horse Feed
  2. Flowers / Gardening Equipment
  3. Party Decorations Boxes
  4. Wood
  5. And there’s so much more! The options are literally limitless!

Boost It Up

I believe we can all agree that the ideal way to cruise is to listen to music. There is no finer feeling in the world than riding around with your favorite songs on the radio, a pleasant wind flowing through your hair. However, most golf carts, particularly second hand ones, do not have any choices for pushing up the jams. Have no fear! A pair of Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers will suffice! You may listen to your favorite oldies wherever you go. Give yourself that old-school rock & roll whenever and wherever you want!

Get Ready For Winter

Golf is no longer simply for the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. Golf carts may be utilized all year, come rain or shine! Yes, you read it correctly. Snow! However, operating your golf cart in the winter requires you to outfit your cart with the necessary equipment. A handful of winter golf cart riding necessities:

  • Enclosures and Covers
  • Heaters for Golf Carts

Customizing your golf cart to be comfortable even in the chilliest, coldest conditions is a breeze and allows you to utilize your cart all year. You may even attach a small snow plow to your golf cart (but be sure to research how this will affect your golf cart’s warranty). Yes, it IS possible! Most people who have snow plows on their golf carts utilize them to remove snow off golf cart routes or around their neighborhoods. Those golf cart paths and golf cart-specific roads could not be plowed without the use of a golf cart since they are too small to fit a full-size vehicle. Is there anything a golf cart cannot accomplish?


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