Why do women need Chain Bags in everyday life?

The Chain Bag is like a complex equation with many unknowns. Anyone who sees it can easily say: “I don’t have it.” Even if women say: “I don’t like to carry a lot in my bag.” No matter how much they want it, this bag always fits the emergency plan. It is possible to find everything you need, including what is not in the bag. Therefore, ladies need Chain bags every day.

How to make Chain bags?

Most of us may have seen designer handbags worn and displayed by celebrities and other famous personalities. These bags are not just handbags, but chain bags that come at a hefty price tag and are made by the best craftsmen. These high-quality products promise prestige, durability, and secondary income in the secondary market. All this is thanks to the experience of the artisans in the creation of each bag. Zeenat styles offer chain bags.

Design bag

Before creating a product, chain bag brands adapt to a design process where designers and experts work consciously and deliberately into the design of the bag. In this process, they plan the overall look of the bag, from the material to the details and equipment. They will also discuss the use and size of the bag, whether the buyer will like, love and appreciate the convenience of using it.

Designers first conceptualise chain bags with a design sketch drawn in the software they use. They will then print the finished mockups in a reasonable size before making a sample. Since they have already written a precautionary plan, they can now own the amount of work and the cost of the parts.

Designers, colors and avant-garde were then studied by studying trends, studying the design of the bag. Most chain bag brands are adapting to these trends to cater to the interests of consumers while maintaining their brand’s exclusivity and identity.

create a prototype

Prototyping is one of the most important stages in the production of luxury bags. This process is carried out by specialists in the creation of leather materials or highly trained shape makers. They begin by transferring sketches of equipment onto paper. Here they create full prototypes: the bag they designed begins to take shape.

Cutting material

As soon as he receives a contact signal for the bag production process, he prepares the magician’s material. The techniques required to cut the skin are complex but extremely important to achieve the desired results.

The leather engraver cuts the leather or chosen material for the Chain bag with the utmost dexterity and precision to prepare it for stress. This process is not as simple as cutting any other fabric.

Leatherworkers must also have a lot of experience creating bookbinding products. They need to strategize on how best to cut through the skin and maximize all of their resources. That’s fair as long as you don’t spend a lot of skin on bugs.

Furriers must also know the properties of the material they are working with, if there are any necessary defects that need to be addressed. For rare types of bags, they cut the toughest leather by hand. A single mistake means a big loss, so they have to do something the first time. Then the skin is cut according to the prototype drawing. From there, the leather incisors need to match the animal skin motif and design of the prototype.

hand cut

Hand cutting is the traditional way of preparing leather. This method provides more perfect finishes and a proof of defects because the material is reviewed by multidisciplinary experts who pay attention to precision, symmetry and other subtleties in the manufacture of luxury bags.

laser cutting

You can use the laser to cut various pieces of leather or whatever you need to match any material. This method will produce several 3D bags. Laser cutting provides greater precision and gives the artisan the exact size of the bag.

Main Reason Woman Use Chain Bags: 

  • For men, this may seem pointless.
  • Bags “Rescuer”
  • Wallet
  • Mirror
  • Cosmetics
  • Mobile phone

For men, this may seem pointless.

First, it is impossible for men to understand the huge bags that women carry. They can spend days with your wallet and phone. What is too much for them to carry handbags every day? That’s why men shouldn’t try to understand it, because they might not understand.

Bags “Rescuer”

However, everything that women carry in their bags meets an important need. In women’s bags must be:


Indispensable, especially for a women’s shopping bag. This is a common feature of all women’s bags. Some wallets are small so they don’t take up much space in your bag, while others are like small pockets in your bag. But they also have what is absolutely necessary. Did your mom ever take candy out of her purse?


Women always carry a mirror in their purse. Helps reshape wind-damaged hair or frizzy mascara. Almost every woman has a mirror in her purse.


Most women want to update their makeup throughout the day. In the meantime, you need to get permission to renew the lipstick erased after eating and refresh your makeup for a short time to get away from the stress of the day. That is why it is very, very important for a woman to revive herself, put on makeup and feel beautiful with the help of makeup.

Mobile phone

Of course, the best friend of a woman who wants to follow social networks, trends, family and friends or wants to stay in touch with them, on the other hand, does not want to be distracted from business life, of course, their phones. . . . Therefore, mobile phones are one of the indispensable parts of a handbag.

The latest Esin Akan top handle bag, which can also be a shoulder bag. The size of this bag is perfect if you don’t need to take your laptop to work because it’s big enough to fit everything you need: iPad, phone, cosmetics, phone, wallet, keys… It looks very compact. The petite knot on the front makes it so cute. Looking for something new to lift your spirits, a style you haven’t seen yet?



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