Working from home sounds like a walk in the park until you realize that it is easier said than done. Since you are your boss, you oversee your work and time. Time management is something am sure you have heard over the years but not it will play a huge role in your success in your freelancing journey. Let us go through tips and ways you can manage your time effectively.

Identifying of working space

Before you can start on any work, you need to identify a constant working space. This can be in the comfort of your own house or somewhere that is conducive to work. Ensure that you organize your working space to prevent time wastage. Make sure that it is a comfortable space, well-ventilated, and away from all sorts of distractions.

Tracking your time

Tracking time spent on a project is a good way to identify how much time different projects take to be accomplished. This will help you manage your work so that you do not get overwhelmed or get a burnout. If a project takes a lot of time, then you can slot adequate time for the project and vice versa.

Set working hours

This means that you have fixed working hours where you can concentrate and work without any interruptions. Since you oversee your working hours, you can decide to work during a time when your concentration is at its optimum. Productivity is what matters most so there is flexibility to have short working hours. Remember to inform your clients about your working hours so that they will know when best to communicate with you.

Take breaks

Breaks are important if you want to be productive with your work. Breaks are important as you get a chance to do things outside of work. Choose refreshing activities that help you to relax. You can talk to a friend, take a walk around your neighborhood, or take a power nap.

Say No

This is one of the most underrated by freelancers. It is important to have boundaries especially when it comes to taking in more work and clients. If you need, want, and deserve more time or money, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Don’t be afraid to decline a task you don’t have time to complete, object to further work that doesn’t interest you or build your portfolio, or bargain for extra time or money. Nobody can direct you, at least not in the same manner that a manager can direct an employee, which is one of the biggest advantages of the independent lifestyle. Do not waste it by failing to remember that you are your boss.

Stay away from distractions.

This is something that most freelancers struggle with especially those who work from the comfort of their homes. These can include, social media notifications, interruptions from family and friends, and noise just to mention a few. You can manage your distractions by muting your phone and setting your workspace in a room that is away from human traffic.

Mult – tasking

Avoid multitasking with your work. Multitasking is dangerous in that when you are doing too many things at the same time, you are bound to leave some of the work incomplete. Your attention is never truly concentrated on any one task when you attempt to multitask. You are less productive overall, make more mistakes, and squander time because of your lack of focus. The best way to avoid this is by dealing with a task at a time. Slot time for each task according to the amount of work at hand.

Use of tools

Tools play a big role in the life of a freelancer, so time management tools are something that you should consider getting. There are many software online that can help you manage your time well. Some software that you can investigate includes Everhour and Traqq among others.

Plan your week

Having a plan is Just arriving at your desk and starting to work without having a strategy for the week is a horrible idea. Always take the time to review your schedule for the next week to identify any potential scheduling conflicts or concerns, whether you plan your week on Sunday or Monday morning.

Have a Startup routine

Just like you have a waking-up routine, you need a work start-up routine where you decide on activities you will do before starting with work. This can be checking emails, updating your calendar, and returning work calls.

Time Blocking

Time-blocking is the top technique that can be used for balancing all my freelance clients and their needs. It helps in eliminating guesswork during the day, indicates what must be achieved by the end of the day and it helps in creating a focus for the work at hand.

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